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Sounds (mp3 examples)

A tight groove, superior sound, a precise brass section and amazing solo-parts are the brand features of Papa's Crazy Project.

The band is well known for its newly arranged Soul-, Funk- and Bluessongs. These R&B sets are based on music from Tower of Power, Spice, James Brown, P. Mendoca or the Average White Band, which has been almost rediscovered by Papa's Crazy Project. Consequently, own songs profit from the rich experience from the covered titles.

Lead singer Chus Ravenstijn took years to form a band which is now close to what he defined as the ideal of a team that would only have one goal: Produce a grooving sound that will get everybody moving in the audience! And finally, not missing are beautiful ballads and some sophisticated, jazzy instrumental songs, always with the goal in mind to include songs that can be danced, but good enough for the sophisticated listener as well.

A live concert should become a party: It is up to you to participate, and to dance to the rhythms of the band. It has become the motive of the band to not only have fun on stage, but also to infect the audience with this virus, that will make everybody moving!

Let's party tonight!

pick up the pieces
believe it
some funk
still believe
take five