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Ergolz, Böckten: A cool evening with a hot sound and a sudden end

Papa's crazy project play blues, funk and rock. Its performance at of last Friday ended abruptly: They were too loud for the neighbours...

Despite of the bad weather, the organizers of the open air, as well as the band tried their best to improve the moods of the visitors. The band played their style of music in a homogenous frame of a good sound, with solid, well done work by the musicians. Chus Ravenstijn was clearly in the center of attention, with his rough, charismatic voice, but he also let enough space for his musicians to perform.

The band sounded almost like a big band - drums, bass, keyboards, guitar, a brass section, and backing vocals. They almost created the impression to have practiced too much, such was the quality and the perfection of the songs.

What a pity, that the concert had to end prematurely, due to complaints of the neighbourhood!

"Crazy" funk and blues at the KiK

Papa's crazy project: Nine musicians, who focus on funk and blues. They will play on Thursday in the Gallery night bar. The first gigs of the band were very successful, and resulted in many follow-up performances. One will take place at the galleria, and we will have the pleasure to listen to cover versions of funk songs from "Tower of Power", blues songs from Steve Ray Vaughn, and jazzy stuff from Jon Mark and Jonny Almond.

Volksstimme-Nachtcafé, Firy funk and blues

The small stage at the KiK venue was almost too little for the nine musicians of "Papa's crazy project". However, it did not do any harm to the performance of the band, which played a funky blues sound, and heated up a big audience.

"I feel something": this first rock song of the band made it clear to everyone, that bandleader Chus Ravenstijn wanted to describe his "burning desire". No doubt, and supported by the brilliant brass section, the desire focussed on funk, blues and rock. This was a solid performance of all musicians, either when they played in full sets, or in smaller groups: the sometimes long solis contributed to the excitement of the audience.

The mixture of covers, arranged by Chus, was well received, and songs like "Mississipi blues", funky stuff like "working in a soulmine" of the Average White Band, or even the James Brown classic "I feel good" hit the taste of the people. And finally, own songs like the soft piece written by the keyboarder, created a great sound of the "little big band". It was fascinating to see how the band managed to create a drive which stimulated the public. No wonder, the band was asked for three "encores" at the end of the concert.

Papa's Crazy Project heat up the audience with blues

Eight male and one female musician, all from the region, and with a good portion of "rhythm and blues" in their own blood: That's "Papa's Crazy Project", a new band in our region, will perform its first concert on Saturday in Pratteln.... We can expect many top songs from famous funkbands, such as "Tower of Power", or blues songs from Stevie Ray Vaughn, and jazzy stuff from Jonny Almond.

A performance "just for funk"

The band is on the road to success. Since their performance in the night café during last summer, a lot has happened with this group.

Funk, Blues and Rock of very first quality was played in Pratteln during the last weekend. It was the second performance of the band at the same place in the gallery. It was a year ago, that the band had its first success here. Although some technical problems delayed the concert a little bit, but the waiting paid back: Already during their opening song "Hard to be" from Stevie Ray Vaughn, people could not stay calm anymore, and got up from their seats.

A huge portion of fun

A grooving funk, which goes right in your legs, sentimental ballads, and deep blues, that goes under your skin, paired with great professional performance, resulted in an enthusiastic response from the audience, and a huge portion of fun - apparently the success remedy for "Papa's Crazy Project"? The public was excited, and moved with the groove of the band until the concert was over.